Cloud hosted Medical clinic and hospital management system

Increase your revenue and profits

Streamline departmental operations

Increase brand reputation

Simple and user friendly

Medical Clinic and Hospital management system
Cloud hosted fully managed solution for a Medical clinic or hospital of any size
Unlimited plan
per month
  • Hospital website
  • Online appointment system on hospital website
  • One administrator account
  • Unlimited Doctor accounts
  • Unlimited Nurse accounts
  • Unlimited Accountant accounts
  • Unlimited Laboratory staff accounts
  • Unlimited Pharmacy staff accounts
  • Unlimited Receptionist accounts
  • Unlimited Case manager accounts
  • Unlimited Representative accounts
  • Unlimited patient accounts
Powerful, Secure and modern Hospital management system
Track, manage and optimize clinical, financial and administrative processes with powerful, modern and flexible Hospital management system
OPD management
Scheduling System
Appointment management system
Prescription management system
OPD Billing
IPD management
Patient registration
Bed management
Investigation Report
Patient file management
Pharmacy, OT, Lab Billing
Discharge management
Lab & Pharmacy management
On reception request or prescribed by the doctors, Tests are sent to laboratory automatically. A complete lab management system and pharmacy management system integrated.
HR management
Lab staff
Pharmacy staff
Front desk staff
Management system for all
Activity management
Representative data reservation
Patient case study
Easy Invoicing
Comprehensive reporting system
Information system
Internal Messaging
Website integration
To ensure your online presence we integrate a modern website for your hospital with our system.
Appointment management
Hospital website has online appointment management system. your existing & new patients can get appointment from their doctors.
Real time reporting
Get robust, real-time operational, financial, and clinical reports at your fingertips. Customizable charts and graphs display data in easy to interpret formats, so you can print or see the metrics that matter most to your medical clinic or hospital.
Why ?

Streamline workflow

Increase revenue

Comprehensive scheduling

Foolproof billing

Realtime reporting

Insightful analytics

Decrease IT costs

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[email protected] 12345 Admin
[email protected] 12345 Doctor
[email protected] 12345 Accountant
[email protected] 12345 Lab staff
[email protected] 12345 Nurse
[email protected] 12345 Pharmacist
[email protected] 12345 Receptionist
[email protected] 12345 Representative
[email protected] 12345 Case Manager
[email protected] 12345 Patient
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